Westex Carpets

This was the first lighting installation in the UK as part of the Thorn Energy Partnership. Fully Wired were commissioned to design and install a new energy efficient lighting scheme in key areas at their main production and storage site in Cleckheaton.

Westex Carpets manufactures the finest quality wool carpets from its West Yorkshire factory, but was still using traditional incandescent lighting which aside from being hugely inefficient was not powerful enough to light the stock. We installed the very latest eco lighting with motion sensors so that the factory space is only lit when needed. Here is the full specification with before and after information:

• Luminaires installed: Hi-Rack and PopPack
• Total area covered: 10,702m2
• Total energy saving: 25.3%
• Total carbon emission saving: 62.5 tonnes per annum
• Total financial saving: £17,300 per annum
• Lighting level before: <100 lux (est)
• Lighting level after: 250-300 lux
• Former LENI: 63
• Actual LENI: 47