Eco lighting

Eco commitment

Our commitment to the environment is cemented through our partnership with Thorn Energy.

The Thorn Energy Partnership is a new venture between Thorn and lighting professionals. The aim is to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance.



Our expertise and quality comes from our belief in training and developing apprentices through the government backed JTL training scheme, to achieve a workforce of high quality engineers with an unrivalled depth of knowledge.

The Fully Wired smart car


Our eco commitment goes beyond our installations.



Aquaponics is an integrated aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponic (growing plants) system that requires only 10% of the water needed for plant production and a fraction of the water used in fish farming. We provided the electrical installation for The Able Aquaponics project in Wakefield. Find out more here:

Our responsibilities

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and recently trained and were accepted as a member of the Thorn Energy Partnership. We also believe in training future generations of electrical engineers and since our formation in 2006, we have trained a steady stream of young people.