Fully Wired are
The UK's first Bronze
Thorn Energy Partner

October 2013

Thorn Bronze Energy award

Yorkshire-based electrical engineering company, Fully Wired, has become the UK's first Bronze Thorn Energy Partner.

A venture between Thorn and lighting professionals, the Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) is committed to promoting energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance. Open to installers and contractors, all successful applicants become a Thorn Energy Partner and are supported with a 2-year certified training programme. This training ensures partners are equipped with the knowledge required to implement energy saving schemes for customers with a quick, attractive payback.

Fully Wired joined TEP in January 2013 and as a direct result, secured a new contract to design and install an energy efficient lighting scheme for carpet manufacturer, Westex Carpets. The 10,702m2 warehouse refurbishment was a success, reducing energy consumption by 25.3% while improving light levels from <100lux to 250-300lux.

Shortly after, Fully Wired completed and reported a second equally successful project into the TEP portal. This secured its place as the UK's first Bronze partner.

James Colam-Ainsworth, Co-Director at Fully Wired, explains: "We joined TEP because we're committed to helping our customers achieve energy and cost savings. We also wanted to ensure our knowledge is at the very forefront of developments in these areas. The move paid off because the credibility and training we are receiving as firstly a Thorn Energy Partner, and now a Bronze Partner, is really transforming our business.

"My experience with TEP so far has been very useful. We now have access to a wide range of training, tools and resources. The ecoCALC and energyCalc software in particular have improved my knowledge of energy efficiency and given me the ability to calculate cost savings on lighting installations. In turn, I have the confidence to speak to clients about the benefits of energy efficient lighting. Most importantly, the business is winning more contracts.

"The new Bronze status that Fully Wired has achieved as a Thorn Energy Partner has made me realise the potential of what TEP has to offer, making me want to secure more contracts.

"I am now aiming to become a Silver Partner. I have recently won the contract at Phoenix Recycling in Rotherham, a fire damaged building which had 400W metal halide high bay lights. This is a great opportunity to install the Thorn Hi-Rack luminaire to save energy."

Jonathan Longden, Key Account Manager at Thorn Lighting, says: "The passion for and commitment to energy efficient lighting at Fully Wired is very strong. James and his team are carving a real niche as an eco-focused high quality electrical engineering company.

"It is fantastic that Fully Wired is now a Bronze Partner. We will continue to work close and build our joint knowledge and partnership."

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